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We study nanoscale light-matter interaction

Welcome! We’re building an interdisciplinary team of chemists, physicists, and materials scientists driven to understand and ultimately control the light-matter interaction at the nanoscale. We seek to exploit expertise in single-molecule spectroscopy, electron microscopy, inorganic materials synthesis, and nanofabrication to gain exquisite control over photonic, electronic, spin, and vibrational degrees of freedom and their couplings.

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We care about culture

We work together to create an inclusive and equitable culture conducive to creative accomplishment and individual growth. The Utzat group welcomes all (becoming) scientists regardless of their gender, cultural or socioeconomic background, sexual orientation, race, age, or cognitive style. We’re enthusiastic about sharing our approach to culture and science outside of academia.

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Nanodiamond grain boundaries and lattice expansion drive Silicon vacancy emission heterogeneity

Daniel K. Angell, Shuo Li, Hendrik Utzat, Matti L. S. Thurston, Yin Liu, Jeremy Dahl, Robert Carlson, Zhi-Xun Shen, Robert Sinclair, Nicholas Melosh, and Jennifer A. Dionne. In progress. 2022.

Effect of Spectral Diffusion on the Coherence Properties of a Single Quantum Emitter in Hexagonal Boron Nitride

Boris Spokoyny, Hendrik Utzat, Hyowon Moon, Gabriele Grosso, Dirk Englund, and Moungi G. Bawendi. The Journal of Physical Chemistry Letters. 2020.

Multiexciton Lifetimes Reveal Triexciton Emission Pathway in CdSe Nanocrystals

Katherine E. Shulenberger, Thomas S. Bischof, Justin R. Caram, Hendrik Utzat, Igor Coropceanu, Lea Nienhaus, and Moungi G. Bawendi. Nano Letters. 2018.

Charge Separation in Intermixed Polymer:PC70BM Photovoltaic Blends: Correlating Structural and Photophysical Length Scales as a Function of Blend Composition

Hendrik Utzat, Stoichko D. Dimitrov, Scot Wheeler, Elisa Collado-Fregoso, Pabitra Shakya Tuladhar, Bob C. Schroeder, Iain McCulloch, and James R. Durrant. The Journal of Physical Chemistry C. 2017.

Nanocrystal synthesis, ufluidic sample dilution and direct extraction of single emission linewidths in continuous flow

Ioannis Lignos, Hendrik Utzat, Moungi G. Bawendi, and Klavs F. Jensen. Lab on a Chip. 2020.

Resolving the Triexciton Recombination Pathway in CdSe/CdS Nanocrystals through State-Specific Correlation Measurements

Katherine E. Shulenberger, Sophie C. Coppieterst Wallant, Megan D. Klein, Alexandra R. McIsaac, Tamar Goldzak, David B. Berkinsky, Hendrik Utzat, Ulugbek Barotov, Troy Van Voorhis, and Moungi G. Bawendi. Nano Letters. 2021.

All-optical fluorescence blinking control in quantum dots with ultrafast mid-infrared pulses

Jiaojian Shi, Weiwei Sun, Hendrik Utzat, Ardavan Farahvash, Frank Y. Gao, Zhuquan Zhang, Ulugbek Barotov, Adam P. Willard, Keith A. Nelson, and Moungi G. Bawendi. Nature Nanotechnology. 2021.

Terahertz Field-Induced Reemergence of Quenched Photoluminescence in Quantum Dots

Jiaojian Shi, Frank Y. Gao, Zhuquan Zhang, Hendrik Utzat, Ulugbek Barotov, Ardavan Farahvash, Jinchi Han, Jude Deschamps, Chan-Wook Baik, and Kyung Sang Cho. Nano Letters. 2022.

Superradiant emission from self-assembled light emitters: From molecules to quantum dots

Gabriele Raino, Hendrik Utzat, Moungi G. Bawendi, and Maksym V. Kovalenko. MRS Bulletin. 2020.

Discovery of blue singlet exciton fission molecules via a high-throughput virtual screening and experimental approach

Collin F. Perkinson, Daniel P. Tabor, Markus Einzinger, Dennis Sheberla, Hendrik Utzat, Ting-An Lin, Daniel N. Congreve, Moungi G. Bawendi, Alan Aspuru-Guzik, and Marc A. Baldo. Journal of Chemical Physics. 2019.

Blue Light Emitting Defective Nanocrystals Composed of Earth-Abundant Elements

Eric C. Hansen, Yun Liu, Hendrik Utzat, Sophie N. Bertram, Jeffrey C. Grossman, and Moungi G. Bawendi. Angewandte Chemie International Edition. 2020.

Polaron pair mediated triplet generation in polymer/fullerene blends

Stoichko D. Dimitrov, Scot Wheeler, Dorota Niedzialek, Bob C. Schroeder, Hendrik Utzat, Jarvist M. Frost, Jizhong Yao, Alexander Gillett, Pabitra S. Tuladhar, and Iain McCulloch. Nature Communications. 2015.

Photophysical Study of DPPTT-T/PC70BM Blends and Solar Devices as a Function of Fullerene Loading: An Insight into EQE Limitations of DPP-Based Polymers

Elisa Collado-Fregoso, Florent Deledalle, Hendrik Utzat, Pabitra S. Tuladhar, Stoichko D. Dimitrov, Alexander Gillett, Ching-Hong Tan, Weimin Zhang, Iain McCulloch, and James R. Durrant. Advanced Functional Materials. 2017.

Synthesis and exciton dynamics of triplet sensitized conjugated polymers

Justin R. Caram, Sophie N. Bertram, Hendrik Utzat, Whitney R. Hess, Jessica A. Carr, Thomas S. Bischof, Andrew P. Beyler, Mark W. B. Wilson, and Moungi G. Bawendi. Nano Letters. 2016.

PbS nanocrystal emission is governed by multiple emissive states

Rolf Andernach, Hendrik Utzat, Stoichko D. Dimitrov, Iain McCulloch, Martin Heeney, James R. Durrant, and Hugo Bronstein. Journal of the Americal Chemical Society. 2015.

Probing Linewidths and Biexciton Quantum Yields of Single Cesium Lead Halide Nanocrystals in Solution

Hendrik Utzat, Katherine E. Shulenberger, Odin B. Achorn, Michel Nasilowski, Timothy S. Sinclair, and Moungi G. Bawendi. Nano Letters. 2017.

Coherent single-photon emission from colloidal lead halide perovskite quantum dots

Hendrik Utzat, Weiwei Sun, Alexander E. K. Kaplan, Franziska Krieg, Matthias Ginterseder, Boris Spokoyny, Nathan D. Klein, Katherine E. Shulenberger, Collin F. Perkinson, Maksym V. Kovalenko, and Moungi G. Bawendi. Science. 2019.

Lifetime-resolved photon-correlation Fourier spectroscopy

Hendrik Utzat and Moungi G. Bawendi. Optics Express. 2021.