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Undergraduate students:

We are enthusiastic about supporting undergraduate research and learning. If you are a UC Berkeley undergraduate, please reach out to Prof. Utzat to inquire about our opportunities. Motivated undergraduates are also encouraged to join our group meetings. Undergraduate research opportunities typically last between 9 and 12 months.

Ph.D. students:

We are enthusiastic about prospective students interested in pursuing a Ph.D. in the group. Please reach out to Prof. Utzat with your CV and a statement of your research interests.

Postdoctoral Candidates:

We're always open to hearing from curious and self-motivated postdoctoral candidates from various disciplines. Please email Prof. Utzat your CV and a brief statement of your previous research and interests. Please indicate your funding status.

Meeting inquiries with Prof. Utzat

Please find an available time on the calendar and send an invite to If the meeting requires analytical skills and decision making, please inquire for a meeting in the morning. If the meeting involves editing anything written, creative ideation, general check-ins, procurement conversations, letters of recommendations, career advising, etc., please try scheduling after 2pm.

Prof. Utzat's office:
Hildebrand Hall 231

Student office:
Hildebrand Hall D43a

Shipping address:
Hildebrand Hall B84A

Availability (Send calendar invite to schedule a meeting)