Matthias Ginterseder

Postdoctoral Scholar

Matthias received his BSc and MSc in chemistry from ETH Zurich, followed by doctoral studies at MIT. During his PhD, Matthias focused on the synthetic development of colloidal quantum dots. He concerned himself with the precursor chemistry of III-V quantum dots, yielding an expedient, safe and scalable path towards In-based nanomaterials. Integrating the requirements of lead halide perovskite-based quantum emitters, he demonstrated a new class of surface ligands furnishing nanoparticles with record-low levels of perturbation in their electronic structure at ambient and cryogenic temperatures.

His current research interests include the establishment of new classes of colloidal optical emitters, the synthesis of advanced materials towards optoelectronic applications, and the integration of nanomaterials in nanophotonic architectures.

In his pastime, Matthias enjoys both hiking and climbing, as well as windsurfing and sailing. He loves to express himself creatively through graphic design and visual art and applies his synthetic obsession at home through cooking Austrian cuisine for friends and family.